Best Practices for a Healthier You

A lot of people think that to live a healthy lifestyle is a big challenge. It seems impossible to have that super fit and sexy body that stereotypes healthy people. For normal human beings, 6 pack abs and longevity is but a dream.

In reality, to achieve those high levels of fitness and health requires a great amount of discipline like engaging in health-giving behaviours on a routine basis. Every little healthy habit may be small in itself but in time the effects accumulate and makes a great impact on your wellbeing. The technique is to focus on making that healthy option at any moment instead of looking at all those things you should do in the long term. With this mindset, list all the habits and behaviours you can do that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.


People see diet as a temporary thing. It doesn’t last very long and the tendency is just to go back the same old eating habits. Think of dieting as a style of eating healthy instead of a horrible ordeal just to make it easy for you. If you are going on a diet, do it gradually. It’s difficult to adjust to new kinds of food, cutting the normal volume of food intake and even the frequency of eating. So be kind to yourself and do it gradually until your body system gets used to eating less and eating certain kinds of food.

Physical Exercise and Behaviours

Physical exercise is not just to achieve a healthier life but to have a longer life as well. Doing some exercise on a regular basis helps in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, premature death and depression.

Most people who are not used to exercising do not know where to begin. It may be intimidating to go to a gym to exercise once you see all the bodybuilders there. But you have to stop making excuses and start by squeezing in a few minutes of stretching or any form of exercise into your busy schedule. Start by doing 20-minute exercises or less every day until it becomes a regular habit, just like brushing your teeth. You can even try Zumba. Make the exercises short but intense. Samples of short but high-intensity exercises are jump rope workouts, circuit training and sprinting.

High-intensity interval training is proven to be more effective than the other types of training. Its key principle is to alternate the short period of maximum effort with less intense recovery periods.

Other forms of simple exercises you can do are so easy that you can barely notice you are already doing them every day, like walking a block or two to your destination. Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing housework chores is an intense physical activity. Do exercises during commercial breaks.

If you aren’t the type of person who regularly exercises, that would be a very big challenge. Find yourself a workout partner who can help motivate you to go to the gym or do some workouts.

Mental Health

What people often overlook is the status of their mental health. Being totally healthy also means you are in good mental health. There is research that proves that positive feeling and being happy is connected to being healthy. One way happiness can improve health is through psychosocial factors like better relationships, more practical and emotional support and better coping mechanisms to stress.

Having a better well-being is associated with reduced risks of coronary heart disease as well as lowered risk of all and natural causes of mortality. Happiness is also associated with excellent health because you have a better immune system, improved sleep and better cardiovascular functions. These lifestyle diseases are results of negative feelings like depression, anxiety and stress.

To rid yourself of these negative factors there are a lot of homoeopathic ways. You can do some exercises to develop happy hormones like endorphins. You can apply or use some essential oils to create a more relaxed environment. You can choose the best oil for oil cleansing methods to reduce the negative vibes in your body system as well as in your surroundings. Also, change your outlook on life and practise the art of gratitude. Being thankful for what you have is the best and simplest way to becoming a happier person.

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