Tips on how to use a Rowing Machine effectively

Rowing machines can provide an excellent workout of both the upper and lower body but not knowing how to use a rowing machine properly can actually cause more harm than good. It may seem as though it would be an easy enough activity to perform, but there are many commonly experienced mistakes made by beginners. It is important to learn the proper method of rowing in order to achieve the best results from this beneficial exercise.

Where to buy

There are many options available when choosing to purchase a rowing machine, and there is one to suit everyone’s budget. You will have to consider what your goals are before buying and it is a good idea to read plenty of rowing machine reviews before parting with your money. You must also think about practical things like how much space you have in your home and whether you need an advanced performance monitor to keep track of your progress. Some even come with a strap which you place on your chest to check your heart rate whilst working out.

Rowing can be a powerful strength building exercise, but it is also one that improves cardiovascular health. It is an excellent activity for anyone who has problems with their joints, as there is no weight bearing strain on these parts of the body. Offering a full body workout, rowing machines are an excellent way to become fit and healthy for a wide variety of people. They are, that is, when they are used correctly. There are some common errors made by people who are not trained in the usage of rowers, running the very real risk of back injury. The lower back is the most frequently injured site by improper rowing techniques, with stress being placed on the area.

How to learn

The best way to learn the proper way to use a rowing machine is to observe and practice. This can be done through working with a trainer for a few sessions to obtain the best form and techniques. Because rowing is such a strenuous exercise, it is recommended for novices to begin slowly; working out on the rower for 10 to 15 minutes on the first day and then increasing time gradually on consecutive days. It is equally important to keep resistance on the rowing machine low initially, building up resistance slowly so as not to overwork the muscles.

Rhythmic and flowing movements are the key components to rowing. Excessive movements such as leaning too far forwards or backwards, jerking the arms or using the lower back instead of the legs are the danger, leading to strained and stressed back muscles that will inhibit further workout periods, and lessen the aerobic benefit of the exercise.

Starting a new exercise requires research on the best techniques, and this is true with learning how to use a rowing machine as well. Performing the rowing exercises properly will lead the body into a beneficial aerobic and strength training activity, which in turn will lead to great health and fitness.

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